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Facilitated Activities

Facilitated Activities are designed to promote personal growth and teamwork. Each activity is designed to meet specific learning outcomes of the group.

Learning outcomes from Facilitated Activities can include:

  • Expanding comfort zones

  • Improving leadership skills

  • Enhancing communication

  • Encouraging teamwork

  • Learning to support others

  • Improving peer support

  • Promoting spiritual outcomes of the retreat

Facilitated activities are not included in your accommodation package and will incur additional cost.  Please contact or email your enquiry regarding prices for the facilitated activities.

Outdoor Education Programs

The Centre offers a series of safe and fun facilitated activity programs to complement any group retreat. Whether guests are looking for adventure, specific learning outcomes, opportunities for team building, or reflection or simply to have some fun with their group, our specially trained facilitators can tailor a program to suit.

Our outdoor education programs suit children of different ages and with different needs.